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The Protein Bar FAQ

I was the first to have a protein bar. I am writing this because people have been asking me this question for a while. It is not about taste or texture. This is about the ingredient list, how much protein is in each and whether there are any ingredients that are not considered health foods. My goal was to review some of the popular brands and to answer any questions anyone may have. I hope this page is helpful in helping you make a decision.

Below are some of the most popular brands of protein bars. They are grouped by the number of calories and the number of protein grams per bar. I have done a simple math analysis of their caloric content to determine the percentage of protein in each bar. I am not trying to say which brand is better because the science is not yet there. I am only saying that there are a lot of protein bars out there. If you are still interested in a certain brand, click the "More info" link for that brand to learn more about it. The bar below is my new favorite! This is a bar that is made from the highest quality, high calorie ingredients that I can find. You will not find many other brands that have high protein content like these.

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