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I've found the best skin lightening products for your money in this section! They are: The products shown below are the ones I use, for lightening. Please keep in mind that some products will work better for some people than others. For example, there is a product by one of my favorite companies that is made specifically for fair skin. And some products will also work for dark skin! So if you can't find one of the above, you can always try a few products on your own (like the two below!) to see which ones work best for you. For the complete list of products I reviewed for lightening, click on the product links below! 1. Lightening Serum by Mizon 2. BHA Blackhead Power Essence by Mizon 3. Cacao Oil Lightening Essence by Dr. Brandt 4. Mizon's Lightening Serum by Tonymoly 5. L'Oreal Infallible Lifting Lotion by L'Oreal (The Original) 6. Mizon's Waterproof Water SPF 30 (1/4 C) by Mizon 7. Skinfood Light Therapy Skin Renewing Moisturizer Moisturizer 8. CeraVe Skin Rejuvenator Essence by CeraVe 9. Lioele Skin Renewing Gel Cream 10. Mizon Skin Renewing Lotion 11. CeraVe Skin Renewing Lotion by CeraVe 12. Tatcha Soothing Moisturizer Tatcha

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